Monday, August 22, 2011

Beaches and Houseboats

After we finished at Rising Star Christine and I stopped Kerala before leaving India. It was very green and the beaches were beautiful. We also decided to spend one night on a houseboat in the backwaters. We went looking for a houseboat in the early afternoon and we found one we thought was a decent price and was fairly clean, but we needed to pay in rupees. We didn't have enough Rupees, so the travel agent guy offered to give me a ride on the back of his motorcycle to an ATM. We were on a muddy path, so I thought he was just giving me a ride for the short distance of this path. I got on the back and waved good bye to Christine. After we got off the path and kept going for quite a ways I realized this ATM was far away.

Now I think I have mentioned before that driving in India is CRAZY, but riding on the back of a motorcycle in India is a death wish. We drove on the wrong side of the street and crossed multiple lanes of traffic (which is fairly standard for India). Now scary as this already was, it then started to pour rain, like pouring buckets of rain. I couldn't really see very well and I knew the driver probably couldn't either, so I was praying pretty hard. We thankfully made it back safely to Christine and of course it stopped raining, but I was already soaked. Christine and I laughed about it. It was all part of the adventure.The rest of the day was really peaceful as we just chilled on the boat while we drove around the backwaters for a few hours. There were some gorgeous rice fields along the water.

We docked for a bit to eat some lunch cooked by our wonderful first mate/cook. The fish was actually pretty yummy. We eventually docked for the night and while our cook was cooking dinner we walked along the path to visit a temple and we met a few people along the way. There were these people singing in their doorway as we passed. It was really beautiful. We ate some yummy prawns and even got to watch some TV. As we watched a movie I did some henna on Christine. It was a very relaxing and peaceful day. It was the perfect way for us to finish our adventure in India.


So this post is long overdo. I want to mention sponsorship on here for anyone who may be interested in an opportunity to serve. The children at Rising Star have the opportunity to gain an Education because of their sponsors. At the school they are taught math, history, physical education, English, and Computer Literacy –in India if you speak English and are computer literate your chance of success increases by 500%. Each child needs a few sponsors to help cover the cost of their food, school supplies books etc. It only costs $30 a month to sponsor a child.

These kids LOVE their sponsors! One little girl named Amsavilla treasured her cards and letters from her sponsors. She showed me the card and a photo of her sponsor whom she had never met. These children don't have lots of their own space to keep things in their rooms, so the fact that they save a letter from a sponsor shows how much they love them.When I told a girl I wanted to be her sponsor her whole face lit up and she hugged me. She said "Thank you Myra!" And kept repeatedly hugging me and saying "I love you." If you are interested in becoming a sponsor you can sign up here: