Thursday, July 21, 2011

True Love

Today I met Theerthee's mom in the colony Barathala Purim.I actually put oil on her legs and feet. I showed her a photo of her daughter and she got this huge smile and her whole face lit up. Then she took her hands and kissed them and then put her hands on the photo. It was so sweet to see how much she loves her daughter. She doesn't see her daughter very much, because she stays at the school all year besides one month of their break.

Theerthe is the one in blue next to me below. When I told her about seeing her mom and what her mom did, she also seemed so happy. She then wanted to see a photo of her mom. I showed her and she did the same thing where she kissed her hand and then put it on the photo. This is true love.

*Warning: There is a gruesome image below.

Today at the colony we actually washed the leprosy patients feet and I put oil on them. The oil is supposed to help soften their skin and to help keep the bugs away. The flies love to land on their wounds and the oil tastes bitter, so they won't land their anymore.

This couple was just so amazing to watch. The husband was so kind and loving to his wife. He held her hand and made sure her sores were taken care of and her nails cut right. It was so sweet to watch. This is true love.

It broke my heart though, because she had a huge ulcer on her foot and it was painful to remove part of it today. She was crying as her husband comforted her. It broke my heart.

Today was eye-opening for me. The ulcers they have on their feet and the pain they have made me really sad for them. It has to be so hard to deal with this daily. I am grateful that we have a chance to meet them and see how loving and warm they are in spite of all their trials. I feel such love for them.

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