Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today we got to go to three colonies to help measure the people for special shoes. These shoes should help prevent the patients from developing more ulcers and they should be more comfortable for them.

I loved spending so much time with the people in these colonies. In the first colony, Bethel Nagar, I helped the people put on their shoes after they were measured for shoes. I felt so much love for them. It is so hard for them to just get around, so I helped a few walk down the steps.

One of my favorite people from the colonies is the guy I called Nabu (that's not his name) that says "hallelujah" a lot. He was there today and he asked for my help to put in his eye drops because he has no fingers.

This is such an easy task for most people and for him it was such a challenge. But still he was so happy and he danced and sang for us again.

I love just talking to all the people in the colonies. They are so loving and kind to us. They always grab our hands and seem so grateful.

Christine and I danced and sang with this man. He kept talking to Christine in Tamil and he sang to her. I loved this experience today. I just feel so grateful for this opportunity!


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