Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have mentioned already several times how much I have realized that I take for granted. Even here in India I have so much! I was talking to another volunteer who came to Rising Star a couple years ago and at the time they didn't have the nice hostel we have to stay in now. They had air conditioning but the power would often go out all night long. The power goes out often here, but it doesn't last very long. I'm grateful that we have AC in our rooms and usually in the vans we take.

I love water, but I have always struggled to drink warm water. The filtered water we get at the hostel comes out warm or hot, so this was a struggle for me. But I am grateful for clean drinking water. And a few days after being here we found a source of cold drinking water at the children's dining hall. It makes me happy every time!

We have beds to sleep on and there aren't bugs all over our rooms. The little kids sleep on little straw mats on the floor and there is always tons of bugs in their rooms. I'm grateful for a comfy, clean bed!

We eat some form of vegetarian curry and red rice every night for dinner here. But lately we've had cut up fresh fruits and veggies. I'm so grateful to have food to eat and especially fruits and veggies!

I'm grateful to be able to shower everyday, even in bucket showers. And use the bathroom in doors, even the squatters!

I am grateful for a church to go to! It took about two hours of a bumpy ride to get there on Sunday, but so many do this or go further every week. I admire their dedication and sacrifice. It takes me ten minutes to drive to church when I am home!

I am grateful for my hands, feet, toes and fingers. This is something I don't usually think about, but here I do all of the time. Most of the people with leprosy that I have met are missing parts of hands, feet or sometimes their legs and arms. And yet they are still smiling. They still do beautiful artwork and can get around just fine most of the time. They've adjusted and it may take longer to do certain things, but they still do them. It amazes me.

I am so grateful for what I have. I'm abundantly blessed and I feel like because of this I should be doing more to help those who are lacking. I also feel like I should never complain about my easy life.

Oh and I am grateful for these beautiful little girls that I have been spending my time with the past few weeks. They light up my life!


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Brooke said...

I've loved reading your posts these last few weeks, I thought it was time I commented on one. I have been thinking about this being grateful thing too and I know you have had a much more in your face experience with this lately but I'm trying to be more grateful for all I have. And I'm especially trying to not complain about my easy life, as you said. We are just going to be a pair of happy positive girls from now on :)!! Miss you!