Sunday, December 06, 2009

Is This a Zoo or an Art Class?

This past week as I was teaching I was talking with my first graders about self portraits and I asked them to tell me about themselves. One little boy raised his hand and said, " I can sound just like a parrot." I asked "Do you want to share with the class(this was a mistake)?" He then proceeded to talk like a parrot. Then all the kids got excited and started raising their hands and were nearly jumping out of their seats. I called on another girl and she said " I can make a noise like an eagle." And of course I had to let her do it. So she opened her mouth and tilted her head back and screamed a high pitch scream. She did sound like an eagle. I then tried to change the direction of the conversation, but the kids were so excited to share. Another kid shared his Jaguar noise, and another one a cat. Who knew this first grade class was going to be so talented at imitating animals. I love my job!