Sunday, July 26, 2009


This summer I have been working as a nanny for two wonderful little girls. I can't really publish pics of them on here, so I will put a blurry one from behind. We have had some fun adventures. We went to the shark reef aquarium the other day. I am constantly looking for new things to do with them. We have made cupcakes, been to a magic show, done art projects, made friendship bracelets, visited the pet store multiple times, swam, played at the park, been to multiple children's museums, made cookies, made play dough etc. I am starting to run out of ideas, but it has been fun for me. They have helped me bring out my inner child.

And it has prepared me for my new job in the fall. Drum roll please.... I got a teaching job! Hooray! I start teaching August 17th. I will be the Art teacher at an elementary school. I am a little nervous about it, but I am also excited. I am especially excited about having the summer off.
Oh and I went to Oregon last week. It is beautiful there. I think I will live there some day. Here are a few pics of the trip:

Sophie was walking around like this forever. I think she may have thought she was an animal or something.

Sophie and Olivia looking at a tiny shell.

Hobbit Olivia

We love this book store. I bought a cool old copy of Pride and Prejudice and some old children's books I will tear the illustrations out of and frame.

Eliza likes to match her food.
Sisters and Momason

Sophie with the sea lions.

Vinnie and Matt fancy dancing.

Sophie and Momason running from waves.

Watching the sunset.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dancing and Fireworks

I spent the fourth of July with my family. We had a blast. But I will let the photos say the rest: I have the world's cutest nieces

Vinnie a.k.a. Big Papa Nasty(our DJ)

They've still got it.

Having a great time.

One of Vinnie's many dance moves.

Even The Mom danced.

Eliza and I love dancing
Tess wouldn't dance, but I still love her.

I am not sure what to say about this.


The Mom got a little crazy with the fireworks.

She thought it was so funny to throw snaps at me.

The world's cutest nieces.