Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nevada: A Place for Cheap Culture and Slurpees.

Today I was driving and I saw a sign for the Nevada State Museum with an arrow on it. I looked in the direction the arrow was pointing and it was pointing to a 7-Eleven. I thought to myself "Hmmm. That makes sense that the Nevada State Museum would be in a convenient store."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Substitute Teacher a.k.a. Punching Bag

    • I had my very first week of substitute teaching this week and boy it was a roller coaster. It started out with a full day of kindergarten and ended with Middle School Science.


    • As I was reading aloud to a group of third graders I would stop every paragraph or so and ask them a question to make sure they were paying attention. I would randomly pick a Popsicle stick from a cup to call on a student to answer. At one point I called on a little girl and her answer was "Um....unrecognizable mumbling and something else made up..." For some reason(possibly exhaustion) I thought this was hilarious and started to laugh(*please note it is not appropriate to laugh at a student's serious answer). I tried to pretend I was laughing about another student who was jumping out of his seat to answer the question. I am not sure if they bought it or not... I really need to get a grip and learn to control my laughter better, especially when it comes to laughing at students.
    • Then I ended the week on a high note when I was teaching middle school science. After a couple periods I went to the bathroom and as I was washing my hands I realized that my sweater was in-side-out. Yes, my friends, in-side-out with the tag sticking straight out and the buttons on the inside! I am pretty sure the middle schoolers got a kick out this when I wasn't looking.

    • I SURVIVED! Here's to next week.

    Sunday, April 05, 2009


    Recently I took a class called "Universal Truths" given by Valerie Dimick. In this class she teaches a lot of great concepts and one of them is having the goal of peace. Since then I have been thinking about how you can find peace in spite of events or circumstances in your life. It has been a goal of mine for the past few months. If peace is our goal then we will find peace. But for some reason consciously or subconsciously we choose to make other things our goal. We get distracted or sometimes we don't realize when our thoughts are consumed on negative or destructive ideas that those thoughts unintentionally become our goal.

    The greatest source of peace is of course Jesus Christ. Lately when I find myself thinking about negative things or even seemingly good things I have to ask myself: "Is this bringing me peace?" If it isn't then I try to replace it with something that will bring me peace. Here are some things that have helped me obtain my goal of feeling peace everyday:
    1. The Temple- I get to go once a week for a sealing assignment. It has brought me such peace.
    2. Walking/running
    3. Reading scriptures/praying
    4. Getting to know new people or just the old people in a new way
    5. Laughing
    6. My nieces
    7. Talking in person or on the phone with best friends/sisters
    8. Good music
    9. Institute
    10. Laying in the sun (I love the weather in Vegas right now!)
    11. Living in the moment
    12. Remembering what I am grateful for
    13. Reaching out to people who have it a lot harder then me
    14. Slurpees coupled with good conversations
    15. Paying attention to all the people who serve me(thanks everyone!)
    16. Painting/creating art
    17. Writing in my journal
    18. Going to Create every Monday
    19. Talking/laughing with the roomies
    20. Swimming
    21. General Conference
    Okay so what are some of the ways you find peace from day-to-day? I need some more ideas.