Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Remember when you would spend the whole day in your swimming suit.

I miss these days. We we would go swimming in the backyard and then stay in our swimming suits the rest of the day. In these shots we were playing poker.... hmm maybe this was a foreshadowing of my move to Vegas.

My dad made us some fake money, by copying real money at the computer store he worked for. It looked pretty real. So real that my friend that is holding up the money in the first photo gave it to her Mom's boyfriend at the time. The boyfriend was a drug addict and we are pretty sure it was used to buy some drugs....oops. I guess that is why it is illegal to copy money, even if it is just for the purpose of using it for play money.

I think maybe my desire to never grow up is the same reason I still find myself doing things like playing dress up with my sisters.
Being a grown up is overrated.