Friday, May 23, 2008

Awkwardly Affectionate

Have you ever made someone hyperventilate from being affectionate with them? No? Oh, because I have.
I am not sure when this started, but at some point in the past few years I have come to love being awkwardly affectionate. It may have started with Megan's shirt that said "Pet your dog, not your date." Because when she started to wear that shirt I liked to pet her on the arm all of the time, like you would a dog. I got a lot of strange looks from that one.

The photo to the right is of Erika, Megan and I after we kissed Edward with our blue robin egg lips. He had some issues with girls. He was freshly home from his mission and thought girls had cooties, so we were trying to "help" him overcome some of these issues by attacking and kissing him. Megan may have been hurt in the process.

Another fun thing I started to do when we first moved to Vegas was that anytime Liz was in on her bed, reading, talking on the phone or sometimes sleeping I would run in and jump on top of her. She learned to brace herself when she heard me coming.I think she really likes this. This might be more along the lines of violent affection, but we will save more stories about that for another post.

Alright, so now for the hyperventilating story. One night our apt and a group of friends decided to have a BBQ. Andrea brought along one of her friends that was visiting for the summer. I had met this friend a few times before. Let's call her Cindy, so she can remain anonymous. We were all just hanging out on some couches and Erika, Andrea and I were being awkwardly affectionate, by holding hands and cuddling with each other. This is just what we do.

Cindy kept giving us strange looks and calling us "weird", "strange" and "mean things, mean things, etc". We figured she was probably just feeling left out and deep down she just wanted some love, so we decided to give her some awkward affection. We started putting our arms around her and holding her hands and of course she was fighting it and telling us to stop. But we just laughed it off and kept doing it. She started to say "I can't breath!" and we just brushed it off as a joke. Why would anyone not enjoy this affection? It was so fun! All of the sudden we realized she was serious. She really was hyperventilating and being the nice ( or horrific) people that we are, we let go of her and she got up to go into the other room. I think she had to use a brown paper bag to get her breathing back to normal. Yikes!

Everyone else in the room (a few people we didn't know too well) sat there awkwardly and several were glaring at us like "Look what you did you little jerks!" Erika and I felt bad, but we couldn't stop laughing, which made us look like even bigger jerks. Luckily Cindy was super cool about it, forgave us and still liked us anyway. So if you really don't like awkward affection and you might hyperventilate because of it, please give me a forewarning and I will do my best not to cause anymore psychological damage than I already have.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Revolution from Night to Day.

When I first moved to Las Vegas I really didn't like it. I didn't like the dead desert with no grass or trees. I didn't like the the cockroaches in my bed. I didn't like driving around in the 115 degree weather with no A/C and sticky leather seats in my car. I didn't like missing Sunday dinner with my family. I felt out of place.

Those drives back from Utah(home) were too short and painful. On the trip back to Vegas all of my roommates and I wouldn't be able to talk for the first hour , because we were trying to hold back the sob in our throats.

And then something changed. I am not sure when it happened, but one of the first signs that it had was when I got in the car with my roommates to go back to Vegas and we could talk to each other in a jovial manner.
Here are some reasons why I now love Las Vegas (gulp, I can't believe I used Love and Las Vegas in the same sentence):
1.Whenever I start to think I have so many amazing best friends I can't imagine meeting anymore I meet more. There was a change in my attitude towards Vegas when I started to meet some of the most amazing girlfriends that I could meet (you know who you are). There was an instant connection. All of the sudden going to church felt like home again. Then we decided to step out of our comfort zone again (we are crazy) and leave that ward, but I am starting to get to know some new amazing people in this ward too.

2.I love the walking trail by our apt. I love going on walks or runs on it to just clear my head. The other day I needed some clarity and I found it as I walked on my little trail.
3.I live with some of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. People are baffled that six of us live together and get along so well. It is because each and every one of them is amazing. Guys are fools for not realizing this (well Joey figured it out with Amy).

4.I love Las Vegas in the spring time! Especially Summerlin with the blooming blossoms and trees. The perfect weather as early as February.

5.I love swimming every Saturday from March through October.

6.I love my job. Even though I get bored a lot, they have been really good to me. They let me go to part time while I went to school this semester and they even gave me a nice raise. I have some fun adventures at work.

7.The State Fair!

8.Close enough to home, but not too close.

9. We are 5 hours away from California/The beach.

10.Panera Bread, Capriottis, Claim Jumpers, etc.

11. Our dance parties.
12. The strip clubs.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

And we all dance on!

We dance at the fair.

We dance when we go bowling.

We dance with pegged pants and mary janes.

We dance in our house.

We dance in our sunglasses and 80's clothes.

We can dance everywhere.

You do not like to dance.So you say.Try it! Try it!And you may.Try it and you may, I say.


And I would dance in a boat.And I would dance with a goat...And I will dance in the rain.And in the dark. And on a train.And in a car. And in a tree.It is so good, so good, you see!So I will dance in a box.And I will dance with a fox.And I will dance in a house.And I will dance with a mouse.And I will dance here and there.Say! I will dance ANYWHERE!