Thursday, March 20, 2008

BBQs make me feel like Summer

Yesterday, in light of my first college spring break, I layed by the pool for two and half hours. Liz( roommate) and I were brave and got into the freezing cold pool all the way up to our waists. Erika dipped her feet in up to her mid-calfs... she is almost as brave(she is going to try to beat me up for this comment). If it weren't for our molten-lava hot tub we probably would have died of hypothermia.

I love living in Las Vegas in the springtime, because it feels like summertime already. Clad in shorts and flip-flops we headed over to Mindy's last night for an amazing BBQ. Mindy was nice enough to make some amazing shish kabobs and some barbecued peaches. I felt like I was eating summer with every bite! De-licious! I have a goal to lay out by the pool every Saturday this summer, as soon as my blasted Saturday classes are over. May 15th will be a blessed day!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another poem

It Ended on a High Five
By Myra Mayall (I had that name before I met you)

To be understood and to understand is
What I thought we had.
Reading my mind like a children’s book.
Similar stories to tell.
Silently talking.
Moments that were “already seen”
But our friendship ended on a high five.

I only saw you and you never saw me.
You always smelled of cologne for another girl.
But I put on my red shoes for you.
And it ended on a high five.

“I love you,” is reserved for lovers and kin
And I was never one or the other.
You proclaimed:” I love you,” twice and then those I love you’s faded, wrinkled and split into high fives.

I lost the pen you gave to me
And can no longer write with it.
You gave me too many songs to remind me of you and
You have none to remind you of me.
The journal writing and the familiar melodies ended on a high five.

Our secret place called vineyard
Is no longer undisclosed,
But is marked by a freeway sign.
You now have a secret with someone else.
We no longer share the same earphones.
And the drives on intimate roads are covered with ice.

I am not in on the inside joke.

I drove through the dark just to see you,
I am afraid of driving in the dark
And you couldn’t turn on the light to see me.
The eggs are cracked and the bike is broken.
They always were.

All my new CDs you didn't burn for me,
I will waste no more good songs on thoughts of you.
The looking glass no longer holds your image.
Because WE ended on a high five.