Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas (Fa la la la lifetime)!

Dear Family and Friends,

This year has been an eventful one for the Fabulous Five. We have had our ups and our downs but all and all we have had a delightful year.

Cassidy moved here from Connecticut in September to join our cozy apt and immediately started searching for a job. It was such a blessing when she landed her dream job working on the musical RENT, which will be showing in Vegas in the spring of 2008. Rumor has it she will be singing a very touching solo about AIDS.

Erika has been working hard teaching for America. She is so busy trying to get her Masters degree, teaching and going to Championship fights that we don't get to see her much. We are really proud of her for losing her first adult tooth this past year when she was in a brawl at one of the BYOB Teach for America parties. The teachers of America sure know how to party.

Amy has been busy this year working hard to keep her secret identity as a Casino robber a secret. She hides this well by pretending to lose jobs occasionally, and living in a modest apt with 4 other girls, so people think she is poor. But her fancy car is a dead give away.

Liz has been eating, drinking, breathing, and living soccer. And when I say "soccer" I mean she is actually having a secret affair with David Beckham. Posh Spice is in for a run for her money, because Liz is super hot. So let's hope this next year holds for her a bright future as Mrs. David Beckham.

Myra has been working for Triple Five a.k.a. The Jewish Mafia this past year. She quietly sits at her desk pretending to be a receptionist. But little do people know she is actually working with her secret agents (that dress up as Rabbis) to rule all of Las Vegas and some day hopefully the whole world.

Merry Christmas from our dysfunctional home to yours!

Love The Myra

Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanks for your support!

Dear friends, family, and casual acquaintances,

Recently I have considered joining Mary Kay, Pampered Chef or Some Jewelry party company to make some extra money, but I have decided to go with a different route. Instead of asking you all to attend a party, you don't want to go to, and buy jewelry or products you don't really want, but feel obligated to buy, because you are my friend and want to support me, I have decided to ask you to just send me $15-$20 a piece(sorry for the really long run on sentence). This way I will get 100% of the profit, not just some small portion of it, and you can still feel like you are being a supportive friend without having to waiste your precious time at a party you don't want to be at or have to buy something you will just end up throwing away or using as a white elephant gift. Your support is much appreciated. You can send me a personal check or money order to(sorry credit cards aren't accepted at this time):

Myra Bybee
299808080999 West Cockroach lane
Las Vegas, NV 89666

Myra Mayall Bybee