Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Yesterday was a bad mail day on multiple levels. Our office was closed last week on Thursday and Friday to celebrate a Jewish holiday, and The Postal service was closed on Monday to celebrate Columbus. With all this celebrating going on our mail was piling up. And guess who got to open 4 days worth of mail?! You guessed it:Me. I spent 3 hours opening envelopes and sorting invoices, junk mail etc. I never wanted to see another postmarked envelope again when I left to go home from work.....

But lo and behold what was there lying on my bed when I got home? A postmarked envelope from UNLV. I was a little bit excited to get mail, because I don't get mail very often. I opened the envelope and read the letter that ruined the rest of my night. UNLV rejected my request for Nevada residency, which means I would pay three times as much for tuition as a non-resident then I would pay as a resident. I can't afford that. Today I sent a letter of appeal in and I am feeling better about it all.
This experience made me think about mail. Mail can be the bane of my existence or the best part of a long day. I love getting letters in the mail. On my mission I would look forward to going home for lunch so I could check the mail, and when I saw one small letter for me my heart would flutter with excitement. It is too bad we don't write letters so much anymore. We have IM and emails, and text messaging. But those are quick and often thoughtless communications, lacking in intimacy. If I knew I was going to get a letter in the mail I would go check the mail everyday or even twice a day. Now I only do that when I have ordered some Cds and know they should be coming soon.