Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I am tired of finding cockroaches in my bed!

Last night I went through my nightly ritual of shaking my blanket out and checking under my pillows for cockroaches before I get into bed. I have become a lot more relaxed about checking, because I haven't found one for a few months. Sometimes when Amy is already asleep I have to do my night check in the dark, with my little flashlight. Last night she was asleep and lo and behold there was a decent sized cockroach under my blanket and it darted away from me. Of course I screamed(and Amy stirred a bit) and I tried to find it. It went under my comforter so I tried to lift it up without having the stupid bug crawl onto me, and it scurried out onto my bed again and in a panic I smashed it onto my bed. So now there is a nice cockroach stain on my off-white comforter!

My room mates(that I adore) were so kind to throw me a surprise party on Friday. When I opened the door ONE person was standing in the dark and screamed "RAAAW"! I thought "Alright, so one person is at my surprise party." Then a little bit after three more people yelled "SURPRISE"!!! So four people were at my surprise party. AWKWARD! HA Ha ha, it is quite amusing to think about it now. *note: More people showed up eventually and I am so grateful for all the work my room mates put into it.

So on that same note, I think I am ready for a change. Our lease at Eagle Crest apts is coming to an end and we are moving into the glorious Canyon Villas. It seems like a really nice apt, so I am hoping the rumors of them having some bug problems aren't true! Cross your fingers for me. My co-worker has scorpions in her house, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I guess it is this wonderful town of Sin city that just draws all of Satan's creatures in. Yes, I do believe cockroaches are of the Devil. Also hopefully our new ward will provide more friends to come to a surprise party if there is ever one to be thrown in the future.


Erika Childs said...

I completely support you that cockroaches are of the devil. I didn't sleep in my bed for a week when I woke up to a cockroach crawling on my neck. I'm not sure why I reasoned to myself that they couldn't get me on the couch, though.
Let's move tomorrow!

Myra Bybee said...

ha ha! ok lets do it! I am ready to move right now!

Brooke said...

OH MY GOSH, no one has told me that there are bug problems in Vegas...I might be changing my mind about coming :) I HATE cockroaches and scorpions...those things can kill you, what are they doing in houses??? I'm officially freaked out thank you very much!

Amy Stevens said...

Maybe we should feel lucky about the cockroaches...I hear in some countries they are quite the delicacy. We have a smorgaspord and we don't even realize the value! Think of the money we could make!! Okay, maybe that's going way too far...

Just a Little Bit Mo said...

Cockroaches are of the devil. Just know this helpful tip I picked up in the Philippines, if you kick them over onto their backs, they are totally helpless and will eventually die. Sounds heartless, doesn't it? But sometimes you just don't want to have to smash something a billion times before it dies and get all the mucky stuff on the bottom of your shoe.

Myra Bybee said...

oh yes..thanks for that helpful tip Mo. And Brooke don't be too worried, our new place better not have cockroaches or scorpians!

Kengyel Timea-Silvia said...

I was sitting in my room this evening, and a super huge cockroach was climbing up the wall. Apparently they have the ability to keep themselves stuck to the wall, and not fall. I called my boyfriend, he was out of town, I cried, I panicked. I lifted my bed. I cleaned under it, I met the cockroach again, I fought it again, closing my eyes, with a broom. I am not sure what happened to it, It sort of disappeared. I am so amazed that it came out at light, and in the bedroom. My life in my room will never be the same again. I am afraid there are more of them, and such huge ones...

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