Thursday, July 26, 2007

One Short day in the Emerald City

One short day in the Emerald City.One short day to have a lifetime of fun. I had one of the best trips of my life this past weekend! It was the first annual BEFF(Best Ever Friends Forever) trip. This trip was so great, I am going to use two posts for it!

Amy and I took a late flight that left Las Vegas at 11:45pm and we arrived in Memphis at 5am, had a three hour layover, and then flew to New York and arrived at 12pm on Friday. We had little patches of sleep through out the night, but not a ton. If any of you have tried sleeping on a plane or in an airport, you will understand it is not easy.

Cassidy and Christine picked us up from the airport and we drove straight to Manhattan. We hurried over to NBC studios to stand in line for the Conan tickets. Cassidy already reserved some for us, but you still have to stand in line and get an assigned letter. We were so worried about making it on time to Conan and we ended up being the first in line. We got our assigned tickets and then were told to leave and come back at 3:15. We just chilled in the NBC studios, taking lots of photos as we waited.

We went back at 3:15 and had to stand in another line in alphabetical order. We were G, even though we were first in line....hmmm that doesn't seem fair. They finally let us go into the studio and I had heard that it was tiny, but you kinda have to see it to understand. It is crazy how they make everything on TV look so much bigger than it is, but it is tiny. We were sitting in the third row right by the stage. I was so excited. Conan came out and talked with the audience for a bit and he was like 3 feet from us. It is so weird to see celebrities in real life. He gave one of the guys in the audience a really long awkward hug, which I thought was hilarious, because I love awkward affection.

The main guest star was Kevin James and at one segment in the show Conan tells him he has his third grade teacher on the phone. As Kevin James is talking to his teacher, I keep thinking it sounds a lot like Adam Sandler. Then all of the sudden they show Adam in the red hallway we had seen as we came into the studio. He runs into the studio and down past us in the audience. After he had ran through and left the studio Cassidy and I both had the same thought, that we discussed later: "My mouth was open the whole time and I am going to look ridiculous on TV!" We checked later that night and we were definitely on TV(go here and you can see us), but luckily we were kinda blurry. I was on TV again, twice in one month....maybe it is a sign that I am supposed to be famous.

After the Conan O'Brien show we walked to Juniors to get some food. They had some huge burgers, so huge that I cut mine down the middle to make it a little smaller. From there we walked over to Broadway to go to the musical Wicked. As we were walking we got stuck in the middle of a group of like 15 or so teenagers. All of the sudden this guy held out his hand and said "Stop!" to this group. They all stopped and he and his wife crossed the sidewalk to go into the restaurant. At first I thought he was possibly joking, but no he was completely serious. He was kind of a rich yuppie guy, and it was almost like he was saying "You must stop for me, you low life poor kids. I am royalty because I have money." We got a good laugh out of that one. So ridiculous.

Wow! Wicked was soooo amazing! I loved it. I want to go

back and see it again. I had the songs in my head the whole trip and I still do. It is such a great story! I had been listening to the soundtrack for the past month, so it was finally nice to get the holes in the plot filled in and actually understand the whole story. I wish I could express how much I loved it, but I can't. So I will just say: Amazing! I think everyone should go see it. Find the nearest city where it is playing and go!

On Saturday we drove to New Port, Rhode Island. As we hit the bridge to the city I knew it was going to be beautiful. We walked along the cliff walk they have along the cost there. There are tons of mansions along there also, but I was mostly fascinated by the shore and cliffs. We also found Narnia while we were there. I just walked through these bushes and I was there. I really can't describe how great Narnia was, so I will just leave it at that. We walked around the quaint city for a bit and also ate some great seafood on the port there. Here are some more pretty photos.

By the way I am fascinated by rippling waves, especially ones with the sun shining down on them, so I really liked this harbor.
The rest of the trip is to be continued in the next post down.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Follow the Red Brick Line

On Sunday we just hung out in Connecticut. We went to church there. I haven't been to a family ward relief society in awhile and can I just say middle aged women are crazy. After church we had a BBQ. Cassidy's sister Brooke and her family live in the midst of a Forrest(at least that is what it looks like to me). We just hung out and roasted Marshmallows in their beautiful backyard. It was a nice evening.

Monday morning we woke up early(well early for us) and drove to Boston. We met up with Cassidy's friend and ate some good food in Harvard Square. Harvard is a really pretty campus.

There is a statue of Harvard that you are supposed to rub his foot for good luck. We all rubbed it and I feel luckier now.

After this we started the Freedom tour. Which is a really cool thing to do in Boston and it is free. You just follow this red line all around the city(part is brick and part is painted). It takes you to all the historical sights of Boston. It is actually kinda funny that at times I actually felt like I needed to stay on the line. I kept catching myself walking the line and had to laugh at myself.
One of the first places we stopped was the Granary Cemetery. It is this really cool old Cometary. The headstones are really jagged stones, and they actually have skulls and crossbones on them, and really cool looking Gothic angels and such. Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the Boston Massacre victims are buried there. We were all really fascinated by this place.

Along the way we saw several old churches, an old bookstore, and school house. Just the streets of Boston are so cool. I love the architecture and all the red brick. It just feels so quaint even though it is a big city. It is so rich with history also. I loved it. We stopped at the old state house. In front of this building was the Boston Massacre. It is marked by a star in the middle of the street. I just love how all this history is squished in the middle of these tall sky scrappers.

One of my other favorite parts of the tour was the old north church. This was where the two lanterns were lit to tell Paul Revere the British were coming. The church was really cool inside. They pews were in boxes(as you can see Amy and Cassidy were sitting it one). The reason for this was to keep the people warm. They also had the oldest working clock and organ in America in there. It was a cool church.

One other thing I loved about Boston was that in the North End the streets are actually lit by gas-light lanterns. I thought that was pretty cool. I really love Boston and will have to go back there again someday to spend more time there.

Monday night we went to a birthday party of Cassidy's friend Emily. It was in a building in downtown Boston, so that was fun. We actually ran into some people that were in a ward of mine and Amy's at BYU. The world is small when you are Mormon.

Tuesday Cassidy, Amy and I got some Manicures and boy they looked good. This was my second Manicure ever and I am starting to wonder if I should make it more of a regular thing. We then hurried off to the airport to fly back to Las Vegas. It was such a great trip, so it was hard to have it all end!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My third attempt to be famous/infamous!

Well I think I finally am famous and not just by association with someone famous. You can see me being famous here. My acting debut can be seen at 6:47 minutes into the video, and again at 8:29. You should just watch the whole thing, because there are some funny moments. I feel like I have finally arrived, now that I can be found on google videos!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Amusing Phrases

  • What do you think I am, made of money!

  • oh what a conundrum!

  • And what am I? chopped liver.

  • I'd rather eat my lungs.

  • WHAT?!

  • I love Lettuce!

  • Oh Hi.

  • Don't mind if I do!

  • seda sa seda sa....

  • This homework is raping me.

  • please bless!

  • That is kind of more-ish.

  • This is Phylis.

  • moons over my hammy

  • I'M MYRA!

  • pip, pip cheerio.

  • I'm a level 44 white wizard

  • A toast to you!

  • Taco Time, Taco time, I want to go to Taco!

  • Z like zebra

  • Ahh! I am from Mongolia!

  • Boo! Creepy foot doctor! Hooray! Beer.

  • You gotta baby in your belly don't get drunk!

  • I am just going to go home and bite my pillow.

  • Biddaly-Buppa!

  • Code Rainbow

  • The Fancy
  • Don't fall on your Kiester!

* I realize most of these are probably just funny to me, but maybe a few are amusing to you dear Internet friends also. I hope so.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am almost as famous as the Little People!

So last night I was on TV! I was a blur of white turtleneck in the background of TLC's Little People, Big World. I was SO excited when this episode of them going to Vegas came on, because I knew we would be in it! No one was there to appreciate it with me, Amy was in bed, Megan is in the MTC, and Erika was in Provo.... so I sat by myself beaming in my stardom! Good times...good times. I love hanging out with famous little people in the Venetian.