Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Out like Boyd Stout

dedicated to Mindy.

Recently a friend of mine reminded me of my arch-nemesis when I was in Jr. High School. His name was Boyd Stout. Now I think it all started out, as all hatred for boys starts out, as a crush. I think I had a little crush on him while I was in elementary school. And I am not sure how this eventually turned into disdain, but turn it did.

Maybe it started to turn when he thought he was a "rappa'" in our elementary school choir program entitled "We're Going Green". He would dance around the stage singing "E-C-O-L-O-G----Y, Ecology!" I thought this was a bit ridiculous, although I was only 10.

All I know is that when we were in Jr. High we did not like each other. His posse and my friends would make fun of each other. He would call my one friend that was super tall "Tower" and when she walked by they would all act scared , and make sound effects like a giant was walking past. So in turn we started calling one of their posse "Earthquake" and when he would walk by we would all shake like it was an earthquake.

There was quite the war going on. He stole my locker combination, and in turn we stole his. He threw my headband down some busy stairs and so I of course threw his hat down the stairs. If I remember correctly my friend poured red cream soda on one of his posse members' head. I hit one of them on the head with my Bible. This was serious business!

Oh the arch enemies of our lives!

When my friend Mindy asked me if I knew Boyd Stout I still had a little quiver of disdain run through me. And apparently she doesn't even know him, but a group of Provoites is going around using the expression "Out like Boyd Stout". I am curious to know where this expression came from.

*Disclaimer: I no longer have ill feelings towards this guy, so if you know him or are him, please do not take offense to this. If anything this feud added entertainment to my life as a jr.high school girl.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Face Forward Up the Lane.

At a time when I was struggling with some changes in my life, my mom told me about a memory she had of me when I was a little girl. When I was in kindergarten my two older sisters and I used to walk up the street to the bus stop every morning. One morning my two older sisters were sick and I had to walk up the lane by myself. She remembers watching me as I walked up the lane, with my cabbage patch in my arms, and thinking I was brave. I vaguely remember this experience myself. I remember being nervous, and swallowing a lump in my throat as I tried not to cry.

Although I am twenty years older now, it seems I still react to change in the same way. I am usually afraid, but I will swallow the lump in my throat and go forward up the lane. This was true of me when I went on my mission, when I moved away from my comfort zone of Provo to Las Vegas, and all the other minor and major changes in my life. And I have found that once the initial fear and anxiety is over with, I am happy that I went forward in spite of fear. It is when I have gone out of my comfort zone that I have grown the most. So although I will keep having the fear that comes along with stepping out of my comfort zone, I will keep doing it, because I grow.

My mom wrote me a poem about this memory from my childhood. I have it on my wall and read it often. Here it is:

Turn About
for Myra Mayall

Two Sisters Down,
Cabbage patch in tow.
Face Forward up the Lane,
To the bus stop
Seemed like a mile and a half.
Take something of yourself
All of the stuff you own
Doesn’t amount to a hill of beans
Compared to what you are.
A cast of heaven unspoiled,
The halo that a candle makes,
You will claim the tempest
As triumph.
When minion doubts
Lay down at your demand,
You will understand
This greater glory.

-Susan Bybee

She is a great writer and mother. Thanks Mom!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

30 Reasons why I love being single(although it is taboo)!

1. I am going to see the Conan O'Brian show with Cassidy, Amy, and Christine!
2. Sleeping in!
3.Spending my money on whatever I want to, without having to answer to any one.
4.My month long back-packing trip to Europe last summer.
5. Hanging out with my girls!
6.I can eat garlic or onions without a second thought about breath mints.
7.I can run home to my family anytime I want to.
8.The amazing friends I have made the past few years(BEFFs, Mission friends, Singles ward friends, etc).
9.I can buy new shoes whenever I want to.
10. I am going to see Wicked on Broadway!
11.I can travel a lot!
12.I have had this time to just figure out who I am and I actually like myself.
13. I like my Maiden name: Myra Bybee just has a nice ring to it!
14.The spur of the moment trips to California!
15.No one gets insulted when I spend the day at the beach checking out the lifeguards or talk about how hot Johny Depp is!
16. I don't have to fight over possession of the remote.
17. I can watch Oprah, Ellen, The Hills, and Gilmore Girls without having to defend myself.
18. I don't have to share my bed with someone else. I can kick and flail as much as I want to.
19.I don't have to pretend to be OK with watching or playing sports.
20.I can have male friends without having to defend myself or explain that nothing else is going on.
21.All-expense paid trips to Florida and Hawaii, because I can help babysit my nieces!
22.I don't have to wait for him to call.
23.I can listen to whatever music I want to in my car and sing at the top of my lungs to my guilty pleasure music(ie: Kelley Clarkson)
24. I can watch chick flicks every night of the week(all five installments of Pride and Prejudice).
25. I have learned how to be better at relationships, so hopefully it won't be as difficult when I do get married( I know how to compromise).
26.I can flirt with as many boys as I want to and no one gets jealous.
27.Living in the apartment of the Fabulous 5.
28.Being able to live with almost all my girl best friends in the fall( I can't wait)!
29.I have learned to just love life no matter what slumps or peaks I go through.
30.The toilet seat issue--need I say more?!!!

*Please note: Although I love being single, this does not mean I don't want to get married when it is right. Of course I do. But I am happy right now!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Snapshots of the Ocean's 13 premiere

These were the best photos I could take in the madness!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hot, Crowded, and Insane with Brad, George and Don

Well I feel it is important that I tell you all about the Ocean's 13 premier. Liz, Amy and I decided we would go and try to catch a peek of the stars. It was at the Palms on the strip Wednesday night. And man it was so insane! We were standing in this crowd of people, jam packed,sweaty and crazed! We were a few rows back and couldn't really see anything! We were like this for an hour, people pushing us, crammed in, and I kept standing on my tippy toes trying to see.
When the stars arrived I was fighting to see them. People were climbing up stuff and putting their cameras in the air so it was so hard to see anything. I finally climbed up on this barricade thing that Liz was already standing on,for like 5 seconds at a time. I would cling to her for dear-life, and stood partially on her feet. By doing this I was able to see Brad Pitt for a few seconds, Don Cheadle, and George Clooney, also for a few seconds. Matt Damon was also there, but I didn't get a chance to see him. I am still not sure if it was worth it! I don't ever want to be in a crowd like that again!People are insane!
There was a drunk British lady by us that was on someones shoulders. Amy and I were both concerned she might vomit on us. People become quite animalistic in situations like this. It is like a stampede of wild animals that doesn't care who or what is in there way and they will just trample over anyone to see Brad Pitt! These aren't the photos I took, I will put those up tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

I just need a new post

I am obsessed with taking photos! When we went to California last weekend I was snapping photos every 5 minutes. I think it might drive most people crazy, but I just can't help it. I feel like I just want to capture the beautiful places I visit, so I never forget them. I also like to capture funny moments that I have with my friends or family. I think it comes down to my fear of forgetting all the amazing things that life has brought to me. This is the same reason I am an avid journal writer. I don't want to forget!
But because of this obsession with taking photos I get some pretty amazing photos. Usually 1 out of 1000 photos turns out perfect, but that 1 is worth the other 999. The only thing I would change in these photos is the lighting, but it was an overcast day.....