Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If You are Creepy, Come Talk to Me!

I am not sure if I have a sign on my forehead that is invisible to me but visible to everyone else, or if there is some sort of tracking system for creepy guys that I am not aware of, but it seems the creepy ones always talk to me!
On two separate occasions in the past month I have had the most extreme examples of this. The first experience happened in Sunday school a few weeks ago. It was before class started and I am standing there with my room mates when this kid comes from across the room and is staring at me. I thought for a moment I might know him, because there is a group of us standing together, and yet he comes straight for me and says "Hey" like he knows me. I am racking my brain for how I might know him, when he says "what is your name?" I tell him and ask his. As I keep talking to him I realize he is creepy. One of my first clues that he is creepy is that he is cocking his head a little as he talks to me and when I asked if he is in our ward he said "oh they just built it up around me....mumble, mumble..." So my room mates and I just rush to our seats and they sit on both sides of me, and I avoided(ran from) him the rest of church that day.
This same guy arrives at church again this past week and once again in sunday school I am trying to avoid sitting by him, so my I have a guy friend sit on one side of me and then my room mate on the other. I am thinking "phew, I am safe!" But all of the sudden from behind me I feel two cold hands on my arms and the creepy guy says "Are my hands cold?" I say yes with out turning around. He then asks my name and I say it without turning around. Class starts and he leaves me alone, but right when class is over he asks "So is this your boyfriend?" about the guy sitting next to me. I am so foolish and just said "no", what was I thinking! That was my way out! Then he proceeds to ask "Then who is?" Erika my room mate says "oh she has tons of them!" and we walk very quickly away from him. So he seems to creep every other girl in the ward out, and was creeching on all of them at the ward dinner on sunday. You couldn't turn around with out him being there, or with out seeing a girl running from him. So our Bishop had a little talk with him afterwards. I hope that is the end of that.
Situation number two is a little shorter. There was also a homeless man at the ward dinner on sunday. As I passed by him he looked at me and we exchanged smiles. Then as me and my room mates were about to leave I saw this homeless man coming right up to me. He shook my hand and asked my name, and once again ignored my two room mates who were standing with me. He then asked me the strangest question, he said "I have a personal question for you..." and I am thinking "oh no!", but then he proceeds to say "have you had augmentation done under your eyes?" and I said "um, no." He then told me all about the augmentation that had been done under his eyes. So random!
These two examples are just a couple examples of many! So I am really curious about this problem of mine. Maybe I should just embrace it and have Megan make me a shirt that says:"If you are creepy, come talk to me!"