Friday, March 30, 2007

A Make Over Story

Well this might not be a blog about me, but I had to share this great make over story! My dear friend and room mate Erika Arwen Childs(aka Bepa) cut her hair for the first time in 20 years! It looks sooooo hot! It makes me want to do something drastic with my hair. It is amazing how different someone can look when they get rid of a few inches of hair! So tell us what you think of this makeover? Doesn't she look great?!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

50 random things (copyright belongs to Cassidy Willhite)

  1. I like to go around shouting "I'm MYRA!", in a high-pitched voice.
  2. That is where my blog gets it's name.
  3. I am in love with Jim Halpert from The Office. We are meant to be together.
  4. Pam, from the Office, and I have several things in common: a) we are both receptionists b)we are both artists. c) we are both funny. d) we both are in love with Jim. So I think it is realistic for me to believe I will find "my Jim" at some point in real life!
  5. Sometimes when I am trying to be funny it ends up being really lame. number 4 is an example of this.
  6. I am actually funny when I am not trying too hard!
  7. When it comes to leaving voice messages for people on their answering machines or leaving my own personal greeting on my answering machine I get really nervous and I end up sounding depressed, or just weird. For some reason I change my voice. I don't know what to call this condition: voice message fright!
  8. As a result of my weird greetings on my answering machine, almost everyone that leaves a message comments on how I sound!
  9. oh man! This is only number nine, I am going to make these shorter.
  10. I work as a receptionist at Triple Five Nevada.
  11. My boss is Eskandar
  12. I get all the Jewish holidays off, because the owners are Jewish.
  13. I also get to hang out with Rabbis almost daily, because of this.
  14. I am not Jewish though. I am Mormon.
  15. I like being Mormon.
  16. My Family are my favorite people in the world!
  17. We all have the same sense of humor, so we can get pretty crazy together.
  18. My little brother is the funniest kid I know!
  19. I love to be silly with my sisters.
  20. My parents have helped us all to be well rounded, open-minded, intelligent, spiritual, fun and independent people.
  21. I wouldn't be the person I am with out my Mom and Dad.
  22. One of the things my family loves to do for fun is make videos, like mockumentaries.
  23. I make videos with my room mates a lot also.
  24. I love my room mates (including are pseudo room mate)!
  25. They make Vegas feel more like home.
  26. I have been blessed with so many amazing friends in my life!
  27. I have one group we call the Beffs(Best Ever Friends Forever).
  28. I adore these girls! I can't even try to express how much I love them, so I won't try.
  29. We plan to have a reunion every year for the Beffs.
  30. I have other best friends in my life outside the Beffs, so if you aren't one it doesn't mean I don't love you also(that is for you Liz and Andrea).
  31. These other amazing friends are from high school, my mission, wards, college etc. Hopefully I left no one out!
  32. I love to travel!
  33. I have been to six countries including: United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, and Switzerland.
  34. Most of my traveling has occurred in the past 3 years.
  35. In the past 4 years I have visited/lived in: Washington D.C., Chicago, IL. New York, New York. Florida(Miami, and the Keys), Los Angeles, CA., Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Las Vegas Nevada.
  36. I plan to see so many more countries and states!
  37. I love good food!
  38. My Dad is the best cook I know!
  39. My favorite food is Thai and Indian food...mostly curry with coconut milk in it.
  40. I like to try new foods all the time.
  41. Some of the most unique foods I have had: Snails(es cargo), Cow tongue, and raw sea creatures.
  42. I love pop culture( thanks mom). I read about it online all day while I am at work.
  43. I love movies even more than I love Pop culture!
  44. I love watching movies. I love discussing movies with people. I love laughing and crying with movies!
  45. Just below movies, is music. I love good music.
  46. I like to shake it like a Polaroid picture!
  47. One of my favorite things to do is to laugh with my friends and family.
  48. I love to hear my friends laugh (Amy's laugh when she starts to squeal, Cassidy's laugh when she can't breath, Megan's laugh and then stopping abruptly, Erika's laughing through tears, Liz's laugh when she is laughing hard, My mom when she laughs so hard she pinches her nose, so her nostrils don't flare, and Andrea's laugh any time, and many more). If I didn't list you by name doesn't mean I don't love your laugh!
  49. I am happy being single (of course I want to get married when it is right)!
  50. Good books are my favorite, but I don't make enough time to read all of them!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Turtlenecks, Little People, and The Venetian!

Well this past weekend Megan Neeley came to visit us here in Las
Vegas. While Erika, Megan and I were shopping for some mission clothes for Megan we found some winter-vomited-on- turtlenecks for only 2 dollars each. I thought they looked very teacherific, and since we are all working on becoming teachers, or already one, we thought these turtlenecks would be a great part of our collection.
We put on these glorious turtlenecks (that have little mugs of cocoa, sleds, and mittens on them) and walked around the Venetian Hotel on the strip. We got plenty of weird looks, but the worst of it was when a man with a video camera was recording us! Megan caught him recording us and he hurried to face his camera to the ceiling, which apparently was soo fascinating.

The next part of our adventure was when we were looking at the prices for gondola rides we noticed some cameramen. We were trying to see if there was anyone famous and when we spotted them I said fairly loudly "It is the Little People!", meaning the "TLC's Little People, Big World" of course. So we took some photos of them, and hoped to be caught in the background of this tv show. Now if we are in the background we won't be hard to miss; just look for the blob of christmas turtleneck in the background!

As we left the venetian we ran into a cross dresser, and we felt Megan had the complete Vegas experience!
We finished off the evening with some "family photos" in our turtlenecks. And here they are for your enjoyment. We tried to make them as cheesy as possible!

Above: This one is entitled "Mom, and Mom and Megan"

I had to put this last one in, because I love all of our faces! Especially Erika's! We told her to make a really cheesy smile and she did a good job! As she was making this face she made some high pitched squealing noises, which made it even better!