Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Playing Dress-Up is Cool!
Now, I am not sure if it is because I was deprived as a child and didn't play dress-up very often, or if it is because my life is so boring I need to pretend to be someone else for entertainment, but it is starting to become a regular occurrence for me to dress up for fun. Here are some photos for your enjoyment:

This First set is of Vinnie and I dressed up as Phyllis and Doreen(as discussed in a previous blog, see below). We made a mockumentary at Christmas time about these two middle aged single women.
Phyllis and Doreen are BFFs that
have a hard time putting on lipstick, and like to accentuate their "pouches"(aka lower belly) by wearing their pants too high.

The next photo is of Me, Amy, Liz,Erika (roomies) and Tyler (one of our two friends in Vegas) dressed up like American Idol contestants. We made a great movie of all of us trying out to be on American Idol. Some highlights: Liz played a very drunk Paula Abdul, Erika was attempting to be a gangster rapper/teacher, Amy's character was just odd, I belted out Zombie by the Cranberries, and Tyler(while wearing leather pants, and one of Amy's shirts) sang "I will always love you"!

This final photo is of Amy, Erika, me, Liz and Nancy(the fab five)
dressed as super heroes! This one is a little bit different from the other two, because we didn't dress up to make a video (or for a costume party like normal people), we just did it for fun. It all started with Megan sending Erika some of her own super hero photos via email....and a couple hours later we were doing this! Lets just say when we have bad days we don't go get drunk, we dress up in random costumes to drown our sorrows. As Erika said maybe what happens in Vegas should just stay in Vegas....but oh well.