Friday, January 19, 2007

A Rabbi trying to break in....

The Adventures of Rabbis in the land of Triple Five!

Well as most of you know I work at a company called Triple Five Development and it is owned by Jews. Now I wouldn’t need to state this fact if it had no impact on my work environment, but it does!
Apparently Rabbis aren’t always the richest fellas in the world. In fact several of them are schnorrers[1], which are quite the opposite. They come into the office quite frequently wanting to talk to the owner of the company, so they can get some money! They fly in all the way from Israel to visit the owner. Now the owner is quite the Mensch[2], so he of course helps them out. But sometimes these Rabbis start acting a little Meshuga[3], because they want more money. And this is where the adventures of the Rabbis begin!
As a precursor to this story let me explain how the office is set up. I am at the front desk and to both sides of me there are doors to the office which you can only go through if you have a key fob or if I push a little button under my desk(We have some tight security).
One time there was a group of Rabbis coming out of the office and talking to the owner in Hebrew or some other language. They are yelling over him in Hebrew, while he was saying “No…..shiloam…shiloam” he is pushing them out the door and shutting it on them. From what I gathered they wanted more money than what he gave them.
After the door was shut they started to knock on it and try to open it. Meanwhile Sheryl(a co-worker) comes out the door and the one Rabbi tries to sneak past her and she says “You can’t go back there!”….. He then tells her he needs to go back in because he left papers in there. She tells him “I will go look for them”. And once again he tries to follow her into the office. She has to shut the door and hurry over to the other door. He proceeded to try to open the door and knock on it after she left. Sheryl comes back out and surprise, surprise they had left no papers in the conference room. So not only are these Rabbis ganefs[4] they are also liars! I am filled with gevalt[5] just thinking about these Rabbi’s behavior! I can’t believe they have the chutzpah[6] to do something like that! So this is what inspired these drawings of Rabbis breaking in.
All I can say is “Oy vey[7]! These Rabbis are nudwiks[8]!
The adventures of the Rabbis is to be continued…….

The Rabbi is using a crowbar

[1]Schnorrers- Yiddish for beggar.
[2]Mensch- upright man; a decent human being.
[3]Meshuga-Yiddish for crazy
[4]Ganef- Thief, scoundrel or rascal.
[5]Gevalt-Yiddish for shock or alarm.
[6]Chutzpah- Yiddish for guts or audacity.
[7]Oy Vey-Interjection of grief.
[8]Nudwiks-A pest, or “pain in the neck”; a bore.