Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas (Fa la la la lifetime)!

Dear Family and Friends,

This year has been an eventful one for the Fabulous Five. We have had our ups and our downs but all and all we have had a delightful year.

Cassidy moved here from Connecticut in September to join our cozy apt and immediately started searching for a job. It was such a blessing when she landed her dream job working on the musical RENT, which will be showing in Vegas in the spring of 2008. Rumor has it she will be singing a very touching solo about AIDS.

Erika has been working hard teaching for America. She is so busy trying to get her Masters degree, teaching and going to Championship fights that we don't get to see her much. We are really proud of her for losing her first adult tooth this past year when she was in a brawl at one of the BYOB Teach for America parties. The teachers of America sure know how to party.

Amy has been busy this year working hard to keep her secret identity as a Casino robber a secret. She hides this well by pretending to lose jobs occasionally, and living in a modest apt with 4 other girls, so people think she is poor. But her fancy car is a dead give away.

Liz has been eating, drinking, breathing, and living soccer. And when I say "soccer" I mean she is actually having a secret affair with David Beckham. Posh Spice is in for a run for her money, because Liz is super hot. So let's hope this next year holds for her a bright future as Mrs. David Beckham.

Myra has been working for Triple Five a.k.a. The Jewish Mafia this past year. She quietly sits at her desk pretending to be a receptionist. But little do people know she is actually working with her secret agents (that dress up as Rabbis) to rule all of Las Vegas and some day hopefully the whole world.

Merry Christmas from our dysfunctional home to yours!

Love The Myra

Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanks for your support!

Dear friends, family, and casual acquaintances,

Recently I have considered joining Mary Kay, Pampered Chef or Some Jewelry party company to make some extra money, but I have decided to go with a different route. Instead of asking you all to attend a party, you don't want to go to, and buy jewelry or products you don't really want, but feel obligated to buy, because you are my friend and want to support me, I have decided to ask you to just send me $15-$20 a piece(sorry for the really long run on sentence). This way I will get 100% of the profit, not just some small portion of it, and you can still feel like you are being a supportive friend without having to waiste your precious time at a party you don't want to be at or have to buy something you will just end up throwing away or using as a white elephant gift. Your support is much appreciated. You can send me a personal check or money order to(sorry credit cards aren't accepted at this time):

Myra Bybee
299808080999 West Cockroach lane
Las Vegas, NV 89666

Myra Mayall Bybee

Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Checklist:

  • Go to a Christmas parade of lights-of Houseboats on Lake Mead.
  • Watch the LDS Christmas Devotional.

  • Listen to Sujan Stevens Christmas cds box set.

  • Take family Christmas photos with roommates in ridiculous sweaters and turtlenecks.
  • Write a Christmas newsletter.
  • Go to the live Nativity.

  • Watch It's a Wonderful Life.
  • Roast Chestnuts on an open fire

  • Go to the Cactus Garden that is decorated with lights.

  • Buy Christmas gifts for family and friends.

  • Drink hot cocoa a lot.

  • Eat finger foods on Christmas eve.
  • Open gifts.
  • Give a lot of Christmas toasts.
  • Eat muffins and drink hot cocoa on Christmas morning.

  • Go around a circle telling each family member what I love about them and cry.

  • Spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear.

  • Play monopoly.

  • Help people.

  • Eat fudge.

  • Have a Christmas eve sleepover with siblings.

  • Find snow to play in.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I got tagged twice! Ok. I guess I will just do this!

I got tagged by Jenifer and Valerie. The name of the game is to list 6 facts/habits about myself. And then tag 6 other people. So here is the list you are all dying to know:

1. I love traveling! I love seeing new places, trying new food, taking way too many photos and experiencing the culture of where ever I am via the people.

2. I live in Las Vegas and for the first year of my year and a few months here I have had a hard time seeing this desert as beautiful. But I love the weather here right now! It is November and it is like 78 degrees! Also since moving to Summerlin I have been finding myself saying "Wow. That is is pretty!" more often. There are great skies and sunsets here in Vegas and there are actually some trees and mountains close to where we live now.

3. I love to be silly! And sometimes that means I act like I am still in Jr. High. For example: Chasing my roommate in a sporting goods store, with a moose puppet(which is actually a golf club cover) while attacking her and making moose noises. Or the fact that I sit at my desk thinking of mean things that my bosses initials can stand for. She is a mean person, but how juvenile is that?!

4. A strange habit of mine that I have been catching myself doing lately is this strange dance I do when I am talking to people, especially people I don't know very well. I don't know if it is because I am uncomfortable or what, but for some reason when I am talking to some people I start to dance around like I have to go to the bathroom. One girl actually asked me recently, "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" And I was so embarrassed, because I didn't know I was doing this.

5. I sing really loud in the car to whatever I am listening to and I dance a bit also. Often I sing so loud it hurts my throat.

6.I make a goal to exercise in the morning almost every night, and I never actually get up early to do it.
OK I will tag: Vanessa, Erika, Kaylene, Brooke, Amy and Mo. Ha ha ha, you are it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Question: is your name Dwight?

On Friday a new accountant started at my company. One of the first things he said to me was, "Question:(pause) Which door should I use?" When he started his sentence with "question" and then paused I almost busted up laughing. "Question: what kind of bear is best?"

Now this is not the only thing that made me wonder if the new guy is secretly Dwight K. Schrute, but there are few other clues. He wears his pants high up and is a bit nerdy. But then today he put the cherry on top when he said, " Executive inquiry:(pause) where is the nearest McDonald's?"

I once again held back my laughter and in a very serious voice gave him directions to the nearest McDonald's.

I just wish my boss was Michael instead of Mary, and there was a hot guy sitting across from me named Jim.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

H is for Halloween

We had a fun Halloween. We decorated our car for our FHE trunk-or-treat. We got second place, although we deserved first place. Come on people, we had a pumpkin bum!
We also had a fun party on Halloween night. We are getting to know the people in our new ward quickly and they are all so great. Liz and I were long-boarding as we waited for the party to start...OK maybe I was barely moving on the long board, but it was fun to take photos of a fairy and a tri-athlete long-boarding.

Friday, November 02, 2007

H is for Hawaii

As many of you probably know I went to Hawaii a week ago (October 19-26). I had the opportunity to go with my sister Eliza, her husband Matt, and my two adorable nieces Sophie and Olivia. The deal was if I helped babysit my nieces then I could go for free. I was hesitant to accept this deal, but with a lot of begging and pleading from my sister, I finally agreed to do it....

Hawaii is a very beautiful place as you would assume. A few highlights from the trip are:

1.I got to swim next to a sea turtle! I go so excited! I would have taken a photo of it, but I was a little too excited about my underwater camera and took way too many photos of fish before I finally saw a sea turtle and I was out of film. So I stole a photo of one from google images.

2. I saw one of the most amazing sunsets of my life (and I have seen some pretty amazing sunsets). The water and the sand were all lit up with pink. There are moments like these in my life that are so brilliant and beautiful it is hard to believe it is actually real. Some might say it was surreal...heh heh...It was one of those moments that is hard to describe, so I will just post a photo.

3. We drove to Hana (in Maui) on one of the days we were there. Originally Eliza and Matt were going to leave me and Olga(the other babysitter) at the house to watch the kids while they went to Hana. But because they are so nice they had us come along. Thanks Matt and Eliza for your sacrifice.Now there is something you should know about the road to Hana, if you don't already know, it is very windey. It is sooo beautiful, but so windey. It is these groupings of hills, next to the ocean, that are covered with trees, tropical vegetation, and waterfalls. As we were driving along I was trying to take in all the beauty, as well as entertain Olivia so she would stop crying. I should of probably kept my eyes focused out the front of the car, because all of the sudden I started feeling really sick. We pulled over so I could vomit, but luckily I didn't have to. As the long trip went on the kids were pretty fussy. It wasn't fun for them to be in the car for 6 plus hours. But once again I am so thankful they took us with them, because it was brilliant.

4. Eliza and I had some fun swinging on some vines in the jungle. We were laughing pretty hard as we attempted to do this. It isn't as easy as Tarzan makes it look.

5. I loved spending time with my nieces: Olive and Sophie. Olive has the cutest smiles. She has one that is just straight across that melts me every time. And Sophie and I had some fun bonding on this trip. We played outside and found a pineapple.She remembered my name the whole time, instead of calling me Sunnie. And she was cuddly with me the whole time, which always makes me happy.

So all and all I had a great trip!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I love Kool-aid face!

Just looking at this face makes me happy! I heart the office! I have heard discussion of this season not being as good as the other seasons, but I think it is just as good. Different, but good! I feel like the writers did what they had to do to keep the show interesting. They couldn't just keep doing the same stuff over and over again. And how can you complain about a season that brought Pam and Jim together? Please tell me what your opinion is of this season of the office?

And I know I haven't posted for awhile, but I am going to be better. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to post some photos from Hawaii and Halloween, because as you all know those two things go together. They both start with H.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Yesterday was a bad mail day on multiple levels. Our office was closed last week on Thursday and Friday to celebrate a Jewish holiday, and The Postal service was closed on Monday to celebrate Columbus. With all this celebrating going on our mail was piling up. And guess who got to open 4 days worth of mail?! You guessed it:Me. I spent 3 hours opening envelopes and sorting invoices, junk mail etc. I never wanted to see another postmarked envelope again when I left to go home from work.....

But lo and behold what was there lying on my bed when I got home? A postmarked envelope from UNLV. I was a little bit excited to get mail, because I don't get mail very often. I opened the envelope and read the letter that ruined the rest of my night. UNLV rejected my request for Nevada residency, which means I would pay three times as much for tuition as a non-resident then I would pay as a resident. I can't afford that. Today I sent a letter of appeal in and I am feeling better about it all.
This experience made me think about mail. Mail can be the bane of my existence or the best part of a long day. I love getting letters in the mail. On my mission I would look forward to going home for lunch so I could check the mail, and when I saw one small letter for me my heart would flutter with excitement. It is too bad we don't write letters so much anymore. We have IM and emails, and text messaging. But those are quick and often thoughtless communications, lacking in intimacy. If I knew I was going to get a letter in the mail I would go check the mail everyday or even twice a day. Now I only do that when I have ordered some Cds and know they should be coming soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Moving Schmoving!

Who likes to pack and clean and move heavy boxes and objects, and pack some more?

I don't.

Who likes to do this in the midst of living normal life: doing homework, job work, church work, life work ?

I don't.
Maybe next time I will try this method.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Boo creepy foot doctor! Hooray beer!

Do you remember this. Megan, Cassidy and I laughed for an hour when we first saw it. Here is my take on it:

Boo exhaustion from not sleeping at night! Hooray long weekends!
Boo mean boss! Hooray having a job!

Boo creepy Rabbi's that hit on me! Hooray all the Jewish holidays I have off!
Boo classes on Thursday nights when I should be watching the Office! Hooray VCRs!
Boo nosy mailman! Hooray hour long lunch breaks!
Boo condescending to call me "honey"! Hooray elevating me to "The Myra"!

Boo people who don't like jokes! Hooray sillyness and laughter!

Boo Las Vegas peter pans! Hooray BEFF/BFFs!

Boo empty toilet paper holders! Hooray Brownie Fudge Sundaes.
Boo people who talk during favorite TV shows! Hooray The Office!

Boo Heidi and Spencer! Hooray Lauren!

Boo no one will come to our socially unacceptable party! Hooray awkward affection!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have a driving phobia!

Maybe the reason I love this Radiohead song, is because I can relate to it. Maybe this driving phobia is also the reason I didn't get my drivers license until I was 23.

p.s. I didn't choose the actual music video for this, because it is a little too violent for me.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I guess I am ready for lots of change.

I have had some fun changing up my blog a bit! Hopefully you all enjoy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I am tired of finding cockroaches in my bed!

Last night I went through my nightly ritual of shaking my blanket out and checking under my pillows for cockroaches before I get into bed. I have become a lot more relaxed about checking, because I haven't found one for a few months. Sometimes when Amy is already asleep I have to do my night check in the dark, with my little flashlight. Last night she was asleep and lo and behold there was a decent sized cockroach under my blanket and it darted away from me. Of course I screamed(and Amy stirred a bit) and I tried to find it. It went under my comforter so I tried to lift it up without having the stupid bug crawl onto me, and it scurried out onto my bed again and in a panic I smashed it onto my bed. So now there is a nice cockroach stain on my off-white comforter!

My room mates(that I adore) were so kind to throw me a surprise party on Friday. When I opened the door ONE person was standing in the dark and screamed "RAAAW"! I thought "Alright, so one person is at my surprise party." Then a little bit after three more people yelled "SURPRISE"!!! So four people were at my surprise party. AWKWARD! HA Ha ha, it is quite amusing to think about it now. *note: More people showed up eventually and I am so grateful for all the work my room mates put into it.

So on that same note, I think I am ready for a change. Our lease at Eagle Crest apts is coming to an end and we are moving into the glorious Canyon Villas. It seems like a really nice apt, so I am hoping the rumors of them having some bug problems aren't true! Cross your fingers for me. My co-worker has scorpions in her house, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I guess it is this wonderful town of Sin city that just draws all of Satan's creatures in. Yes, I do believe cockroaches are of the Devil. Also hopefully our new ward will provide more friends to come to a surprise party if there is ever one to be thrown in the future.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blog Tag

Jobs I've Held:
1. Cougar eat crew supervisor (Subway, Sugar n'spice, Tomasitos and Scoreboard Grill)
2. Diamond Maker at Mega Diamond
3. Receptionist at Triple Five

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
1. About a Boy
2. Raising Arizona
3. Love Actually
4. Movies made by my roommates, my family and me.

Places I Have Lived:
1. Fruitland/New Plymouth, Idaho
2. Provo, Utah (The U.C.)
3. Chicago, Illinois
4. Las Vegas, NV

Shows I Enjoy:
1. The Office
2. The Hills
3. America's Next Top Model
4. The Office

Places I've Been on Vacation:
1. Europe (England, France, Switzerland, and Italy)
2. New York, Boston, Rhode Island, and Connecticut( same trip)
3. The Keys, Florida
4. Washington, D.C.

Favorite Foods:
1. Massiman Curry(or any curry with coconut milk in it)
2. Brownie Obsession from TGI Fridays
3. Red Robin's French Fries and Fry Sauce
4. Coconut Shrimp (from Red Lobster)

Websites I Visit (almost) Daily:
2. the blogosphere
4. facebook

Body Parts I Have Injured:
1. My collarbone (my sister pushed me down and I hit a large rock)
2. My toes from wearing the wrong shoes (ingrown toenails)
3. Wrists from typing/writing etc.
4. gouged my hands working on linoleum cut prints....I seriously haven't had many injuries in my life. That is why these are pretty lame!

Nicknames I've been called:
1. My-My
2. Bugster
3. Miso
4. The Mya (this weekend my 3 year old niece said "There is the Mya" while pointing at me, I love having my name be made into a title!

Now I Get to pick 4 other Blog buddies to do this! Tag your it!
1. Cassidy
2. Amy Stevens
3. Erika
4. Mindy (and reveal to us your secret blog!!!)

Friday, August 03, 2007

I am sorry Mrs. Jackson I am for REAL!

Most of you that know me, know that I am a very real person. I am terrible at being fake. When I have tried to be fake people usually can see right through me! Now you are probably thinking "Myra, that is a good thing." Well my dear Internet friends, you may think it is a good thing, but sometimes it is not. Here are a few examples of when it is bad:
1) When I have a crush on a boy I am not very good at hiding it. Like if I see him and am not expecting it, I usually turn a bright shade of red. But then again I also turn red over the most ridiculous things;If I feel at all uncomfortable or awkward the redness comes out!
2) When I really don't like someone I am not good at pretending I do. This is difficult when I have to interact a lot with someone that I don't like. I try really hard to pretend that I like them, but I am lousy at it!
3) If someone says something rude to me, that actually hurts my feelings, I am not good at faking that it didn't bother me.
4) When something is really funny, but it is inappropriate to laugh, I usually can't control myself and I just lose it! This can be really embarassing to myself and others. One time on my mission I was at a dinner appointment with my companion, two elders and A couple that were members from their ward that I hadn't met before. The woman started telling us about her dead mother-in-law and how sick she had become before she died (oh I just started laughing here at my computer all by myself). She then said that her mother-in-law used to be sitting at the table eating dinner with them and would just fall over out of her chair. For some reason I pictured this in my head and almost busted up laughing. As I am sitting there trying to contain myself, I kept coughing to hide the fact that I was smirking. Then as I think I am hiding it pretty well she asks me "Are you alright Sister Bybee?" And I lost it! I started laughing uncontrollably. I felt awful. Here I was a sister missionary, and I was laughing at her dead mother-in-law! This is just one of the many times that I have lost it like this. If something is funny I have a really hard time hiding it.
These are just a few examples of the many ways in which I am terrible at faking it! So I guess I will just keep on keepin' it real!
P.S. You guys should really do a google image search of keepin it real. There are some hillarious photos on there!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

One Short day in the Emerald City

One short day in the Emerald City.One short day to have a lifetime of fun. I had one of the best trips of my life this past weekend! It was the first annual BEFF(Best Ever Friends Forever) trip. This trip was so great, I am going to use two posts for it!

Amy and I took a late flight that left Las Vegas at 11:45pm and we arrived in Memphis at 5am, had a three hour layover, and then flew to New York and arrived at 12pm on Friday. We had little patches of sleep through out the night, but not a ton. If any of you have tried sleeping on a plane or in an airport, you will understand it is not easy.

Cassidy and Christine picked us up from the airport and we drove straight to Manhattan. We hurried over to NBC studios to stand in line for the Conan tickets. Cassidy already reserved some for us, but you still have to stand in line and get an assigned letter. We were so worried about making it on time to Conan and we ended up being the first in line. We got our assigned tickets and then were told to leave and come back at 3:15. We just chilled in the NBC studios, taking lots of photos as we waited.

We went back at 3:15 and had to stand in another line in alphabetical order. We were G, even though we were first in line....hmmm that doesn't seem fair. They finally let us go into the studio and I had heard that it was tiny, but you kinda have to see it to understand. It is crazy how they make everything on TV look so much bigger than it is, but it is tiny. We were sitting in the third row right by the stage. I was so excited. Conan came out and talked with the audience for a bit and he was like 3 feet from us. It is so weird to see celebrities in real life. He gave one of the guys in the audience a really long awkward hug, which I thought was hilarious, because I love awkward affection.

The main guest star was Kevin James and at one segment in the show Conan tells him he has his third grade teacher on the phone. As Kevin James is talking to his teacher, I keep thinking it sounds a lot like Adam Sandler. Then all of the sudden they show Adam in the red hallway we had seen as we came into the studio. He runs into the studio and down past us in the audience. After he had ran through and left the studio Cassidy and I both had the same thought, that we discussed later: "My mouth was open the whole time and I am going to look ridiculous on TV!" We checked later that night and we were definitely on TV(go here and you can see us), but luckily we were kinda blurry. I was on TV again, twice in one month....maybe it is a sign that I am supposed to be famous.

After the Conan O'Brien show we walked to Juniors to get some food. They had some huge burgers, so huge that I cut mine down the middle to make it a little smaller. From there we walked over to Broadway to go to the musical Wicked. As we were walking we got stuck in the middle of a group of like 15 or so teenagers. All of the sudden this guy held out his hand and said "Stop!" to this group. They all stopped and he and his wife crossed the sidewalk to go into the restaurant. At first I thought he was possibly joking, but no he was completely serious. He was kind of a rich yuppie guy, and it was almost like he was saying "You must stop for me, you low life poor kids. I am royalty because I have money." We got a good laugh out of that one. So ridiculous.

Wow! Wicked was soooo amazing! I loved it. I want to go

back and see it again. I had the songs in my head the whole trip and I still do. It is such a great story! I had been listening to the soundtrack for the past month, so it was finally nice to get the holes in the plot filled in and actually understand the whole story. I wish I could express how much I loved it, but I can't. So I will just say: Amazing! I think everyone should go see it. Find the nearest city where it is playing and go!

On Saturday we drove to New Port, Rhode Island. As we hit the bridge to the city I knew it was going to be beautiful. We walked along the cliff walk they have along the cost there. There are tons of mansions along there also, but I was mostly fascinated by the shore and cliffs. We also found Narnia while we were there. I just walked through these bushes and I was there. I really can't describe how great Narnia was, so I will just leave it at that. We walked around the quaint city for a bit and also ate some great seafood on the port there. Here are some more pretty photos.

By the way I am fascinated by rippling waves, especially ones with the sun shining down on them, so I really liked this harbor.
The rest of the trip is to be continued in the next post down.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Follow the Red Brick Line

On Sunday we just hung out in Connecticut. We went to church there. I haven't been to a family ward relief society in awhile and can I just say middle aged women are crazy. After church we had a BBQ. Cassidy's sister Brooke and her family live in the midst of a Forrest(at least that is what it looks like to me). We just hung out and roasted Marshmallows in their beautiful backyard. It was a nice evening.

Monday morning we woke up early(well early for us) and drove to Boston. We met up with Cassidy's friend and ate some good food in Harvard Square. Harvard is a really pretty campus.

There is a statue of Harvard that you are supposed to rub his foot for good luck. We all rubbed it and I feel luckier now.

After this we started the Freedom tour. Which is a really cool thing to do in Boston and it is free. You just follow this red line all around the city(part is brick and part is painted). It takes you to all the historical sights of Boston. It is actually kinda funny that at times I actually felt like I needed to stay on the line. I kept catching myself walking the line and had to laugh at myself.
One of the first places we stopped was the Granary Cemetery. It is this really cool old Cometary. The headstones are really jagged stones, and they actually have skulls and crossbones on them, and really cool looking Gothic angels and such. Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the Boston Massacre victims are buried there. We were all really fascinated by this place.

Along the way we saw several old churches, an old bookstore, and school house. Just the streets of Boston are so cool. I love the architecture and all the red brick. It just feels so quaint even though it is a big city. It is so rich with history also. I loved it. We stopped at the old state house. In front of this building was the Boston Massacre. It is marked by a star in the middle of the street. I just love how all this history is squished in the middle of these tall sky scrappers.

One of my other favorite parts of the tour was the old north church. This was where the two lanterns were lit to tell Paul Revere the British were coming. The church was really cool inside. They pews were in boxes(as you can see Amy and Cassidy were sitting it one). The reason for this was to keep the people warm. They also had the oldest working clock and organ in America in there. It was a cool church.

One other thing I loved about Boston was that in the North End the streets are actually lit by gas-light lanterns. I thought that was pretty cool. I really love Boston and will have to go back there again someday to spend more time there.

Monday night we went to a birthday party of Cassidy's friend Emily. It was in a building in downtown Boston, so that was fun. We actually ran into some people that were in a ward of mine and Amy's at BYU. The world is small when you are Mormon.

Tuesday Cassidy, Amy and I got some Manicures and boy they looked good. This was my second Manicure ever and I am starting to wonder if I should make it more of a regular thing. We then hurried off to the airport to fly back to Las Vegas. It was such a great trip, so it was hard to have it all end!