Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!
I decided for my Christmas Blog entry I would list a few gifts I am grateful for. I know you are supposed to be grateful at thanksgiving time or something, but in my family we have a tradition on Christmas eve to go around and tell each other what we are thankful for and what we love about each family member. My whole family gets a little weepy and so we all dread doing it a little bit, but in the end we are happy we expressed our love and gratitude.

So I am going to list some gifts I am sooo grateful for( and I apologize if this is at all cheesy):

My family. They are pretty dang awesome! I love them more than I could ever express. They are my best friends. I love the same sense of humor we all share and the great discussions we can have.

My BEFFs. It is hard enough to find one best ever friend for ever, but I am blessed enough to have four(They know who they are)! They are loyal, stalwart, amazing and oh did I mention fun!

My Roommates. We have a little too much fun together!

All my friends old and new. Friends give me a reason to be happy!

The Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ. All the truth and gifts that entails( with gratitude to Joseph Smith for being the instrument to bring all this light and truth back).

The Savior, His love, His Atoning sacrifice, His grace!

My Heavenly Father. I can't begin to express all my gratitude to Him.

The privilege to live in America with all the freedoms I enjoy.

My Travels the past few years.

My Mission to Illinois Chicago North ( The growth that occured and the friends I made).

These are only some of the big ones! There are so many more gifts I am grateful for, but I think I covered the major ones. So to all of you reading this (friends, family, acquaintances) : you are one of the gifts I am grateful for, so thank you for giving me more purpose, joy and happiness in my life.

With all my love, Myra