Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Funniest Kid I know: Vinnie The brother.

He really is hilarious! One of my favorite things he does is his "Phyllis" impression. Phyllis is not a real person, just a fictional character in Vinnie's wild imagination. It all started one day when my mom found a message written on a paper next to the phone that said: Mom, Call Phyllis. My mom asked Vinnie "Who is Phyllis?" and then Vinnie proceeded to explain he just made her up. My mom has a lot of "special"(like eating-the-paste special) friends. They often call her with problems etc. And so Vinnie just made another friend up. Recently he made up an answering machine message in which he is pretending to be Phyllis. He says" Hi, Susan this is Phyllis. Give me a call back.Me and Doreen are goin' to Denny's for lunch. I am hungry. I think I am going to get the moons- over- my- hammy!" He says it in a really deep, grunt-like, female voice. It is so much more funny in person. He does several other impressions of made up people as well as real people and my whole family just laughs hysterically. He keeps us entertained! And this is the reason he is the funniest kid I know!